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       Because of an inherent limitation in the original 
platform for this document, I had to group references 
into lists according to my topics.  However, a number 
of works are cited individually--grouping cannot always
make sense--and are collected in on a single web page. 

       The topical groups of references are listed below.

       The items in my bibliography are all ones that I think are
worth your attention--depending, of course, on your particular
interests.  I have not examined every one of them; sometimes I
have taken the advice of another author.  (But not all of the
works that I did consult are listed here; to educate myself, I
had to look into a great many works that seemed, afterward, not
appropriate to recommend to you.)  I hope that I have given
credit for the sources of the main ideas.

                 List of Topical Bibliographies

General bibliography for the reader BIBLNOTE*

Theory of evolution  THEOBIBL*

Inference from comparative to historical generalizations
Rankshift to sapience  HmRvBIBL*

Archeology  ARCHBIBL*
Foragers  FORGBIBL*
Origins of agriculture  AGRIBIBL*
Spread of agriculture  AGSPREAD*
Population  POPLBIBL*

Mesopotamia  MESOBIBL*
Ancient Greece  GREEBIBL*
Aztec and Maya  MaAzBIBL*

Cognition  COGNBIBL*
Linguistics  LINGBIBL*
Writing  WRITBIBL*
Calculation  CALCBIBL*
Computation  COMPBIBL*
Metaphor  METAPHOR*
Paradigms  PRDGMBIBL*

Science  SCIBIBL*
Education  EDUCBIBL*
Wage constancy  WAGEBIBL*

Industrial Revolution  InRvBIBL*
Second Industrial Revolution  IR2BIBL*
Transfer from Britain to America  XFERBIBL*
America  AMERBIBL*

Ecology  ECOLBIBL*

Information in political structure  POLINFO*
Political growth, rank 1 to rank 2  Po12BIBL*
Chiefdoms  CHIEFBIBL*
Kingdoms  KINGBIBL*
Nations  NATNBIBL*
Male supremacist complex  SUPRBIBL*

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